Talented producer, afro-pop and RnB artiste, Robbie Omol, released his sophomore album, "Finding Tomorrow", in July and it is his best project so far. Written from around the time he was getting married, a year ago, the album is centered on themes of love mainly and the higher love of God for us. He insists on purpose being another major theme, and it is not in finding purpose in one's career or life achievements but also finding one's purpose in God.


This is what Robbie says of the album, "This album is a snapshot of the moments before my wedding. You would think that what would be on my mind is all love songs but I had a greater love influencing me and my thought processes (This is seen by the interludes). This is an album about love, salvation, hope, deliverance and most of all Purpose. Human beings can figure so much about life on their own but wisdom is a hole within that can only be filled by Christ and his divine love. 'Finding Tomorrow' is a game changer for me."


'Finding Tomorrow' fuses afro-pop and RnB with a bit of rap to tremendous effect. Robbie, who has been described as sounding like an African Jason Derullo does a great job in the singing and rapping whilst also featuring Michelle Kwambo in 'Gold' and his wife, Wacu in 'Reveal.'


In the run up to the album release, Robbie released 'Dreadlock Girl' which is a love song dedicated to his wife. The song was released late last year, with the accompanying visuals which have snippets of his wedding. He loves throwing in some Luo in his lyrics and this song is no different, he does that perfectly in the bridge. If you do not understand Luo, you are in luck because he gives the translation in the video, so make sure you check it below:


A few days after releasing the album, Robbie released 'Ufalme Wako.' This is a song that summarises what the album is all about. Musically, it fuses his different styles, the afro-pop beats with a bit of RnB and rap that brings out a hip-hop feel. Lyrically, the song is about getting saved and addresses several concerns that Christians have. As is usual with Robbie, there are some lyrics in Luo but translation is found in the visuals of the song.


Another notable jam is 'Gold' which features Michelle Kwambo. The song talks about what happens when one wakes up in heaven (streets of Gold). It is a vulnerable song where both artists try to figure out whether the life they are living is one which God would approve and be proud of. Robbie also features his wife, Wacu, on 'Reveal.' He says it is his wife's first recorded song and she did a good job.


'Finding Tomorrow', which Robbie admits is of a higher quality production-wise than his first album, is an impressive 14-track album. It is a chilled album that you can listen to when you have had a long day and just want to unwind.


You can get the album here linktr.ee

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