Take 10 - Lesynem Junior

Lesynem Junior recently released the song 'Pray' We asked her a few questions and here are her answers:

What is your full name?

Esther (Lesynem Junior) Musyoki.

What are some of the things that sound like compliments but are actually insults?

-You're so pretty/funny/smart how are you still single?

-You look so pretty with make-up on!

-It's the thought that counts!

Where did you grow up?

Kayole- 1960

What did you enjoy doing with your friends as a child?

Playing Kati ya kujaza kasuku and blada- which I failed miserably coz I was too short, when they raise the blada higher I knew that was the end for me haha- for Kati I used to hack it at least, but both were fun.

What were your best subjects in school?

English and music (Before music was chucked from the syllabus- woi they going to know my age now haha)

What is the craziest thing one of your teachers has done?

We had this one teacher who really wanted to look cool to us, so he decided to dance to the latest dance style then, but it was a total failure, since he was not much of a dancer!


What's your most embarrassing childhood memory?

One time our mathematics teacher came to class and started by asking what he taught last time, so he got furious that not everyone was raising their hands, so we all raised our hands to avoid trouble, I raised mine hoping that he wouldn't pick me, and I ended up being picked to answer, yet I didn't know the answer!

Were you bullied as a kid?

This is like asking, do you breathe every day? I was very tiny, skinny, and light, not to mention I was an aggressor (Mchokozi) growing up, and trouble just used to get me, it's like I drew attention from wherever and everyone just had to get back, to make them sleep well at night haha – but I thank God for my big brother he always came through for me. Protected me and all that.

Were you a good student?

Well, I tend to think so, haha I have an impressive leaving certificate. Does that count?

Finally, we gave Lesynem a chance of asking us anything and we promised to answer. She asked:

Where do you see Kenyan Gospel Rap in 10 years?


This is a difficult one to answer. Rap in general keeps evolving. The question then becomes, will what rap would have evolved to in 10 years be better received than it is now? I strongly believe it will. Two decades ago, Gospel rap worldwide wasn't as accepted as it is now. Over time, Gospel rap has got more fans, and that's what will happen in the country as well. We've also seen recognition of some of our artists featuring in songs by other African artists, which shows that other African countries are appreciative of our rap as well. This is bound to grow, especially with improved internet and social media making a listener in Zambia easily getting to listen to our rap, the same way we can listen to Mag44 or Pompi.

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